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All-Natural Pet Food

Nature’s Select Pet Food is an all-natural pet food company that has been serving thousands of pet lovers across the country since 1994. Here is how Nature’s Select is unique and why we could be the right fit for you!

Natural Ingredients

The simple truth is your pet’s food can never be any better than the ingredients selected! When choosing our ingredients, we insist on safe USA-grown sources. With complex minerals to support a healthy skin & coat and innovative micro-nutrients, your pet will have the perfect core nutrition they critically need. Our pet foods all contain pre & probiotics which promote healthy immune systems and improved digestion, as well as selenium yeast which reduces your pet's risk of getting cancer and promotes longevity. By feeding your pet Nature's Select Pet Food, your pet is receiving nearly 200% MORE PROTEIN from our recipes, as they contain meat meal rather than those competitors who use meat alone as the first or second ingredient. Our pet food is shipped directly to our Nature's Select Distributors soon after processing, always ensuring your pet receives the best nutrition and freshest stock possible. It’s our promise & our guarantee!

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Meat Meal

Your pet will receive about 200% more protein from our product than he would from the competitors using meat as the number one source or ingredient helping maintain strong muscles & bones.

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A powerful prebiotic, Actigen promotes a healthy digestive system and works in concert with other nutrients to support immune defense systems.

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Selenium Yeast

The most researched and proven form of organic selenium yeast available, Sel-Plex supports metabolism, cellular regeneration and a strong immune system. Helps promote healthy dogs, reduces risk of cancer, and boosts overall longevity.

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Complex Minerals

Provides essential complex trace minerals to support a healthy coat and skin, paw pad integrity, strengthened immune response and an efficient metabolic function.

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Rich in metabolites, Diamond V supports healthy digestion and a strong immune system through all-natural, yeast culture probiotics.

Award Winning Nutrition

Nature's Select has been on the highly-acclaimed Whole Dog Journal Editor's Choice List consistently as well as earning The Dog Food Advisor's highest five-star rating year after year. Our grain-free and dry dog foods are singled out for their healthy mix of natural ingredients. Nature's Select has a total of nine different dry dog food recipes, three canned food varieties for dogs, as well as our signature dry food for cats.

Check out why Nature's Select is award-winning and highly-rated below!

Personalized Service

Our Pet Care Advisors are here to help find a solution that’s right for your pet. We pride ourselves in providing the absolute best customer service to our customers, no matter what.

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Made In The USA

We are proud to say that our Nature’s Select Products are made right here in the USA in the great state of Texas!

"I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the high quality of food and quality customer service we’ve received over the years. I recommend this food to everyone I meet with furbabies."

- Donna L

"I will be sticking with Nature's Select Pet Food and they've made a lifelong customer out of me based on the terrific results my dog has had. I would highly recommend their food to any dog owner!"

- Ernie D

"My German Shepherds have been on the New Zealand blend since they were puppies! Not only do they love the food, but their black coats are super shiny and healthy!!!"

- Gloria C