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Total-Zymes (8 oz)

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A high performance broad-spectrum digestive enzyme formula for pets that contains 16 different plant-based enzymes, pre-biotics, coupled with an exclusive L.E.A.D.S.® - Live Enzyme Activated Delivery System® for complete digestion and assimilation of your pet's food.

Total-Zymes® Powder is a complete digestive enzyme supplement. An 8-oz jar treats 365 cups of pet food. Digestive enzymes are very specific. They will only digest the exact food type for which they are named. As an example, lipase will digest only lipids or fats as they are commonly called. Lipase will not do anything to digest protein or carbohydrates. For complete digestion you must include all the different enzymes in a product to digest each type of food ingredient. A digestive product that contains only four, five, or six enzymes will do a poor job digesting the complex ingredients of today's high-quality pet food. That's why this formulation with a special blend of FOURTEEN powerful plant-based enzymes will completely digest and deliver all the nutrients of today's modern pet diet, with just one scoop of Total-Zymes ® per cup of any pet food. In addition, 120,000 FCCPU of bromelain from pineapple has been added as a systemic enzyme. This will help support pets with allergies, itching, and the painful, stiff joints of older pets.

A proprietary enzyme blend of Amylase,Protease 4.5 2500 HUT, Lipase, Diastase, Pectinase, Glucoamylase, Protease 3.0, Bromelain 120000 FCCPU, Cellulase, Hemicellulase, Beta-glucanase, Protease 6.0, Alpha-Galactosidase 20GalU, Lactase, Phytase, Peptidase.

The total weight of proprietary enzymes blend 136 mg. per serving.

Enzyme Description:
Protease 3.0, Protease 4.5, Protease 6...digests proteins in all ph ranges
Peptidase...digests peptides to amino acids
Amylase, Alpha-Galactosidas...digests carbohydrates
Malt Diastase...catalytic conversion of starch to glucose
Lipase...digests fats and oils
Cellulase, Pectinase...digests fiber
Lactase...digests lactose and milk sugars
Phytase, Hemicellulase...releases plant minerals from veggies
Bromelain...digests  systemic enzymes for joint support & seasonal irritations
Beta-Glucanase...digests carbohydrates, specifically starches
Lactase...digests lactose and milk sugars
Glucoamylase...digests carbohydrates, specifically polysaccharides, simple sugars

"I have been using Natures Select since 2003. I love this product as do my dogs. It is reasonably priced, easy to order, and comes right to your door. I never have to worry about it being recalled or having a problem. Thank you Nature's Select!"

- Donna D

"My vet recommended switching my lab over to this due to constant ear infections. Not only has she not had any more infections but her coat has never looked better!"

- Heather C

"I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the high quality of food and quality customer service we’ve received over the years. I recommend this food to everyone I meet with furbabies."

- Donna L