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Together we can celebrate Homeward Bound's 20 years of rescuing goldens, golden mixes, and golden-hearted dogs!

We're celebrating Homeward Bound's 20 years of golden love by matching your kibble donation during the entire month of September!  When you purchase a bag of dog food to donate to Homeward Bound, we will match your donation. Or if you choose to donate TWO 30-lb bags of dog food to them, we will match your donation with THREE bags going to Homeward Bound! It’s an easy and affordable way to support Homeward Bound and help them feed the dogs at the ranch.  

When placing your online order, enter your own information and check the "Use delivery information as my billing address" box. Don't worry, we'll know from the invoice that this donated food is going to the precious dogs at Homeward Bound and not to your house. Or if you’re ordering for your own pets and also include this donation, we will deliver your items to your shipping address and the donated kibble to Homeward Bound.

"I will be sticking with Nature's Select Pet Food and they've made a lifelong customer out of me based on the terrific results my dog has had. I would highly recommend their food to any dog owner!"

- Ernie D

"If you have a dog, there really isn’t any other logical choice: Nature’s Select Pet Food is the way to go! My dogs have always been finicky about their food but since we switched to Nature’s Select there hasn’t been an issue…I will be a customer for life!"

- Vincent S

"They do not usually like kibble food but Nature's Select is the only one that I have found that they both love. Everyone is so helpful in helping to select what your dog may like and they truly care about nutrition and health of your pet!"

- Celeste K