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Camp Fire Donation BOGO 15 lbs of cat food

price: $31.99
Thank you for your kind generosity!
FREE DELIVERY with $39.00 min order
Looking for an easy way to help out the cat victims of the devastating Camp Fire?

Camp Fire Donation BOGO offer (buy 15-lbs of cat food for the Camp Fire wildfire victims and Nature's Select of Northern California will match it and donate an additional 15-lbs). We will deliver the food directly to Butte Humane Society where they will disperse the kibble to those in need.

We know not to deliver the donated bag to you, but the shipping address and ship date fields need to be populated. Please fill those fields with your billing address and the next available ship date option.  

"To be honest I really thought we'd only use this pet food the first 6 months to make the breeder happy...but what a pleasant surprise Nature's Select is. When you compare the cost of feeding raw pet food & the amount of prep time that goes into a homemade dog food, there is no comparison! My dogs are happy and so am I."

- Diane B.

"Our 60-pound pit has been eating Nature's Select since he was a puppy. I don't think he's ever had other pet food. He is seven years old now, acts like a puppy still. We love the service -- and the quality of the food. We don't worry about toxic additives. Buster is healthy and energetic; his coat is gorgeous. We owe his pristine health to Nature's Select Pet Food!"

- Catherine L

"Over the last 20 years, my dogs haven't had any illnesses or poor health since I started using Nature's Select & their lifespans have been extended tremendously. Thank you Nature's Select!!!"

- Holly V